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I am using Dojo 1.5, theme Claro. I have a dojo dialog that contains a dojo form, a ValidationTextbox and a submit button. If the textbox has any kind of error, a tooltip showing a message is displayed next to it. Now, if the error tooltip is displayed, when I press the ESC key the dialog is closed, but the tooltip remains on page.

Here is the code I'm using for addNewUser.html dialog:

<form id="formAddUser" dojoType="dijit.form.Form">
    <input  type="text" id="txtUserName" style="width: 200px"
            regExp="[a-zA-Z0-9 \._-]{3,15}"
            invalidMessage="Error message"
            missingMessage="User Name is required."
    <div dojoType="dijit.form.Button" onClick="dijit.byId('dlgAddUser').hide();">Cancel</div>

Here is the code I'm using to open the dialog:

function ShowAddUserDialog()

    var dlg = dijit.byId("dlgAddUser");
    if (dlg == null)
        dlg = new dijit.Dialog({
            id : "dlgAddUser",
            autofocus: false

    dlg.connect(dlg, "onHide", function(){ 

    dlg.set("href", "addNewUser.html");
    dlg.set("style", "width: 370px;");
    dlg.set("title", "Add New User");
    dlg.connect(dlg, "onLoad", function(){ 


Any idea about this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Normally the tooltip disappears after the focus has been moved to another node, i.e. fired on the blur event. In you case, I think it's because the blur event is not fired, since you used the ESC key to close the dialog.

To solve this, you can manually call displayMessage of the dijit.form.ValidationTextBox to hide the tooltip.

In you code

 dlg.connect(dlg, "onHide", function(){ 
        dijit.byId('txtUserName').displayMessage(''); //Add this line to hide the tooltip
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great, this is the solution. thanks. –  Sergiu Jun 8 '11 at 15:04

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