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I need to get the encoding type of a csv file and how can i do this in c#.net..

My code to avoid Byte Order Mapping(BMO) added during UTF8 encoding is as follows:

     public static void SaveAsUTF8WithoutByteOrderMark(string fileName, Encoding encoding)
        if (fileName == null)
             throw new ArgumentNullException("fileName");

    if (encoding == null)
        encoding = Encoding.Default;

    File.WriteAllText(fileName, File.ReadAllText(fileName, encoding), new UTF8Encoding(false));

But any one please tell me how i can find the encoding of a csv file in C#.net..

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There's an example of a simple class that will detect the encoding here (which doesn't just check for BOM).

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It works great... Thank you –  Harun Jun 8 '11 at 5:42

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