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What's the best way of doing this in cakephp:

I have a Posts model+view+controller with a "Post type" field in my database - linking to my post type id.

The post type ids are: - Preview - Review - News

What I'm asking is: What's the best way (natively) of retrieving the post type name, without creating a table Post_types and linking it with a post_id.

I tried creating an array in the config lists, it worked but I think it can be better then this.

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You could use the afterFind method of your Post model and add there a post_type field to your results. See also the cookbook.

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Thats perfect. Exactly what I needed. –  Claudiu Claw Jun 7 '11 at 17:03

From what I understand your post_type is a enum field with values preview, review, news or a varchar in which you know only add these 3 types, right?

You could try the following query

SELECT DISTINCT(post_type) FROM posts;

This will return all post_types that are being used in your posts table.

In Cake you could do this either with the find or query method.

# Using find
$this->Post->find('all', array(
  'fields' => array('DISTINCT(post_type)')

# Or using the query directly (maybe easier in this case)
$this->Post->query("SELECT DISTINCT(post_type) FROM posts;");
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associate your table posts with the table post_types with $hasOne. With a e.g. $this->Post->find('all'); you would get the post and the post_type in one array.

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Downvoted because the OP explicitly says that he doesn't want to use a table for the post types. –  dhofstet Jun 7 '11 at 15:37

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