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This follows on from this question:

In addition to the problem posed and now fixed in that question, I am also splitting the existing table into 2, where the 2nd table is a sub-table of the first, with a foreign key back to the first.

So currently

table1(ID, col1, col2, col3....coln)

Is becoming

table1(ID, col1, col2, col3)


table2(PK, FK_table1, col4, col5, ...coln)

At the moment I haven't removed anything from the existing table, just created the second, and I have discovered the OUTPUT construct so that I can insert into both tables at once, including putting the PK of the 1st table into the 2nd as FK in the 1 insert - so something like;

INSERT INTO table1 col1, col2,...etc...

OUTPUT inserted.ID, col1, col2, ....
INTO table2(FK_table1, col1, col2, .... )

Select  col.value('node1[1]', 'int') col1,
 col.value('node2[1]', 'varchar(50)') col2,
FROM @xml.nodes('//Items/Item') doc(col)

This successfully inserts into both tables at once BUT relies on the fact I haven't removed the columns from table1 yet, *AND results in a 1:1 relationship between the tables, when what I need is for table1 to just have rows for distinct col1, col2, col3 , with table2 holding the more detailed info

I'm wondering if I am going about this the right way? Am I going to be able to do this in 1 query or am I going to have to break it down? I'm thinking maybe I could shred the xml first into table1, then shred again separately into table2, joining on table1 to get the FK for the insert? Anyone done this sort of thing before?

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Yes, I'm done similar and used both suggestions depending on what other work I need to do


  1. Shred the XML once into a tabe variable SELECT DISTINCT from that into table1, SELECT into table2

  2. Shred the XML twice.

I'd be inclined to do the expensive operation (shredding XML) first in one go.

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Thankyou - and well done for deciphering my question it wasn't the easiest to read! I have managed to do this now, as you say by using a Select Distinct into the first table, then shredding again into the second table, joining on the first to get the FK. Thanks for the answer – DannykPowell Mar 10 '09 at 8:16

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