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I am loading the sharepoint datetimepicker control dynamically as below:

            DateTimeControl MyCalendar = new DateTimeControl();
            MyCalendar.ID = cldr + arry[0];
            MyDynCalendar.DateOnly = false;

                        And I am reading the values from the control as below , but I only get the date and not the time.  
                foreach (string crtl in Page.Request.Form)
                     if (crtl.Contains("xxxxx"))
                         ctrlStr = ctl.ToString();
                         Date Time x = Convert.ToDateTime(Request.Form[ctrlStr]);

         I only get the date and not the time selected by the user. Please help!
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Why don't you retrieve the date via the DateTimeControl.SelectedDate property?

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Why don't you use directly the SelectedDate property of the control

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