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According to the Netbeans site (, Netbeans can be used for "Developing with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS". However, the IDE does not ship with a project type just for this. Instead, there is a project type for PHP or (if you have a release before 7.0), Ruby etc. However, I just want to create a rich web application with Javascript/HTML/CSS. Perhaps there is a plugin for such a project type?

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As far as I know, there is no plugin to create HTML project or General project (as in Eclipse). But for this I use Favorites tab:

  1. Display tab Favorites Windows > Favorites
  2. Find your directory for your html project
  3. Right click to directory and choose "Add To Favorites"

enter image description here

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I hate to admit it, but it seems like this is the only decent answer. I am really disappointed that there is not some generic web editing project type for Netbeans, and I guess Oracle, having taken over, will never consider putting some effort behind such an endeavour. – mydoghasworms Jul 7 '11 at 18:57
I know it sounds confusing but all you need to do is create a PHP project... – domguinard Oct 11 '12 at 11:46

You can just create a PHP project and then not create any PHP code. You will need the PHP plugin installed first.


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This isn't relevant to Netbeans 6.9, but Netbeans 7.3 (in beta as of 11 January 2012) has support for strict HTML/JavaScript projects.

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If your still looking you could try this plugin:

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