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Given a string, how can I match all e-mails thar are inside "< >".

For example:

I can have xxx@abc.com and <yyy@abc.com> and I only want to match the yyy@abc.com.


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would your string look like xxx@abc.com <yyy@abc.com> because that's different from what you said, I think. Also, regex is NOT the answer to everything. Emails are meant to be validated by sending an email to that address, not by guessing what's valid. There's lots of reasons for them to be not valid. –  jcolebrand Jun 7 '11 at 18:05

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To be really thorough you could implement a regex from RFC822, which describes valid email address formats, however, you could save time and headache by doing something quick and simple like this:

var extractEmailAddress = function(s) {
  var r=/<?(\S+@[^\s>]+)>?/, m=(""+s).match(r);
  return (m) ? m[1] : undefined;
extractEmailAddress('xxx@abc.com'); // => "xxx@abc.com"
extractEmailAddress('<yyy@abc.com>'); // => "yyy@abc.com"

Of course, this function will be very permissive of strings that might conceivably even remotely look like an email address, so the regular expression "r" could be improved if quality is a concern.

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