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So we're setting up Chef on the Opscode platform for the first time to manage a significant cluster deployment. We have the client set up, the development environment with a full chef-repo checked into Git, etc. Knife works great for uploading things from the repo into the server.

The Chef management console is sort of nice. It lets you edit almost anything online. But therein lies the problem: we've made changes online, and can't figure out how to download them back down into the local repository so that they can be checked into source control.

Is there a knife command we're missing? Or any other repeatable way to do this, short of writing a script to list each role and environment and pipe them into files?

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Not sure if you are still looking for this, but there is a backup plugin in this repo:


which I've used to dump our server into our repository.

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you might also want to check out this post. I was facing a similar problem.

download roles and cookbooks from ChefServer with knife

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knife download [PATTERN...] (options)

Examples are all taken from the doc page to which I linked above.

Download the entire chef repo:

knife download /

Download cookbooks (directory):

knife download cookbooks

Download environments (directory):

knife download environments

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