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I'm using the Google Analytics API (via Java) to pull out data from Analytics. However, I keep getting kicked back the message "Insufficient quota to proceed."

I have seen the documented limits at http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/gdata/gdataDeveloperGuide.html#quota but these seem entirely non-factual. I am using a packet logger and can confirm I do not have more than 4 concurrent requests per IP and that I am not sending more than 10 requests per second from each IP address.

What are the actual limits of this API?

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This of course being subject to change, according to http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/gdata/v3/gdataGettingStarted.html#quota_policy the quota for registered applications are:

General Analytics API quotas. These apply to both the Analytics APIs, i.e., Management API and Core Reporting API.

* 50,000 requests per project per day
* 10 queries per second (QPS) per IP

Quotas specific to Core Reporting API

* 10,000 requests per profile per day
* 10 concurrent requests per profile

For unregistered applications, we provide a very low grace quota to accommodate a small amount of testing.

If quota is exceeded, Google Analytics API returns an error for additional requests: HTTP status code 403 Forbidden and a message indicating that the specific account has insufficient quota to proceed. See the terms of service for more information.

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