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I'm using Postgres and cannot manage to get the last record of my table:

 my_query = client.query("SELECT timestamp,value,card from my_table");

How can I do that knowning that timestamp is a unique identifier of the record ?

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If you mean the record which has the latest timestamp value by

last record

my_query = client.query("
SELECT timestamp,value,card from my_table 
order by timestamp desc limit 1");
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what if you don't have a timestamp column depicting insertion time? – WebWanderer Dec 3 '15 at 16:36
@WebWanderer SELECT id,value,card FROM my_table ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1; – devius Feb 22 at 18:43

you can use

SELECT timestamp, value, card 
FROM my_table 
ORDER BY timestamp DESC 

assuming you want also to sort by timestamp?

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If you accept a tip, create an id in this table like serial. The default of this field will be:


So, you use a query to call the last register. Using your example:

pg_query($connection, "SELECT currval('table_name_field_seq') AS id;

I hope this tip helps you.

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Sorry due my bad english. – phsaires Jun 30 '15 at 13:52

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