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is it possible to recover a sha1 password (SMF part)?

I need this to convert SMF members to WP users. I am able to import/convert all the info per SMF member, only the password part isn't going well.

In smf_members table i also see a passwordSalt column, do i need this to convert the password.

At the moment i am testing with passwordpro for just one password but i can't seem to get it going and waiting 1 day seems a bit long? What i am doing wrong with this program??


SMF = Simple Machine Forum WP = WordPress

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ok i found a bit of a workaround to get SMF members to WP users by - installing buddypress - buddypress smf import plugin - take a close look at the smf_password_compatibility pluginwhich converts the SMF password to WP password $check = ( $hash == sha1( strtolower( $user_info->user_login ) . $password) ); if ( $check && $user_id ) { // Rehash using new hash. wp_set_password($password, $user_id); $hash = wp_hash_password($password); return true; }

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