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I'm using Fullcalendar to show events in my application, but I would also like to use it to schedule resources, but I need to be able to schedule those resources in 5 minute intervals. Can the calendar (week/day view) be configured to render 5 minute timeslots instead of the default 30 minute intervals?

If so, can dragging also be configured at the same interval?

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I'm not sure about the dragging, but as for the calendar... Yes you can change the size of the time slot, in your fullcalendar config include the slotMinutes property like,

    slotMinutes: 5,

I hope this helps!

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Yes! That worked!!! Thank you very much ;) –  SomethingOn Jun 7 '11 at 17:10
damn! this calendar do miracles indeed xD –  Carlos Guillermo Bolaños Lopez Jun 26 '12 at 13:30

I'm using version 2.11 of fullcalendar and to set the interval of 5 minutes, i had to set the slotDuration with format 'hh:mm:ss'

    slotDuration: '00:05:00', 
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