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I can't seem to configure my CustomDictionary.xml correctly to address a couple of Code Analysis warnings I am getting in Visual Studio 2010.

The first is a namespace "Mvc" - just like the Microsoft provided namespace. I get:

CA1704: Microsoft.Naming: "Correct the spelling of 'Mvc' in namespace name 'xyz.Mvc.abc'

I've tried putting 'Mvc' in the acronyms section of the CustomDictionary like:


The warnings still appear. So, I tried putting an entry in the DiscreteExceptions node under the Words element - still nothing.

How can I properly tell CA that "Mvc" is correct?!?!

Btw, the same issue exists with an acronym representing a business unit within the company.

Secondly, I have the term "CheckOut" used in the code. It parallels a "CheckIn" method so I want it cased as I've indicated. CA says that the compound word should be cased "Checkout" and regardless where I put the entry in the CustomDictionary file, I still get the warning. How do I deal with this one?

Note: I do have the Build Action for the file set to CodeAnalysisDictionary and other terms are registering correctly. For some reasons, nothing I do seems to address these three.

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You need to add the term to the recognized words section, not the casing exceptions section. e.g.:

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I swear I tried this, but apparently not since it works! –  SonOfPirate Jun 28 '11 at 13:00

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