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<@spring.formInput 'myForm.spouseEmail' 'id="spouseEmail" class="text"'/>
<@spring.showErrors ', ' 'error'/>


<span class="error">not a well-formed email address</span>

What I want:

<div class="error">not a well-formed email address</div>
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@Mike: it seems you have troubles understanding the nature of macros. They are already-written freemarker script to make your life easier. You can always write a customed one.

Some people think it obvious, but I myself find that it's not easy to know how to view the spring-freemarker macros source code. You can navigate to package org/springframework/spring-webmvc-3.0.5.jar/org/springframework/web/servlet/view/freemarker/spring.ftl in Eclipse's "Referenced Libraries".

Here's the macro "showErrors" gotten from "spring.ftl":

<#macro showErrors separator classOrStyle="">
    <#list status.errorMessages as error>
    <#if classOrStyle == "">
        <#if classOrStyle?index_of(":") == -1><#assign attr="class"><#else><#assign attr="style"></#if>
        <span ${attr}="${classOrStyle}">${error}</span>
    <#if error_has_next>${separator}</#if>

To achieve your goal, it's very simple: just write a custom macro which is exactly like the code above, replace span by div

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No, but you can easily write your own macro to do whatever you want. Get your inspiration from spring.showErrors itself.

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