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I hate CS5, so I'm trying to stick with CS3. However, I'm doing a Facebook app, and I need to use the GraphAPI, which is a swc file. So far, I cannot figure out how to use the swc file with Flash CS3 Professional. CS5 has a "browse to swc file" option in "Publish Settings". CS3 does not - only "browse to folder". Is this even possible in CS3, or is my only option to switch over to CS5? (Again, I'm talking about Flash Professional, not Flash Builder.)

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As far as I remember CS3 can use SWC, but only for UI components. You had to place the SWC in the config/components folder and then access them through the components panel. (Probably with a reloading of the panel/rebooting the IDE for good measure).

You can add the SWC to the fla classpath (file> publish settings> settings) but for class libraries I think you will get runtime errors.

Have you had a look at FlashDevelop as an alternative to CS5?

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