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Ive been developing all my life in Linux and now I have to work in a Windows 7 system. I would like to know what editor could I use with SSH, so I could edit the files directly on the server.

I guess Im not going to find anything good looking like coda or textmate, but at least Id like the SSH feature and syntaxis highlighting.

Also I need it to be free, and preferably lightweight.

Suggestions, please.

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I generally use Komodo Edit for editing remote files … and local files. It is a nice, cross-platform editor.

enter image description here

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Try Notepad++, their NppFTP-Extension (should be included by default) supports remote file editing. Or as mention in the link above: WinSCP and NP++ as default editor.

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I have given an answer here. Bluefish can be the answer you're looking for as its primarily targeted towards web development.

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The solution finally presented itself. Sublime Text 2 :)

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