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Is there a way to optimize the following query:

UPDATE myTable
SET Calculation =
  (SELECT MAX(Calculation)
   FROM myTable T
   WHERE T.Id = myTable.Id
     AND T.Flag='N')
WHERE Calculation='NA'
  AND Flag='Y'

where myTable has approx. 4 million rows? Actually the first not NULL will do the job (SYBASE ASE 15.0.2).

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2 Answers

What if you do the sub-query outside of the SET?

Can you tell me how this compares to your original?

UPDATE myTableUpdate
SET Calculation = myTableMax.MaxCalculation 
    myTable myTableUpdate JOIN
            MAX(Calculation) AS MaxCalculation
        FROM myTable T
        WHERE AND T.Flag='N'
        GROUP BY T.Id
    ) myTableMax ON myTableMax.Id = myTableUpdate.Id
    AND myTableUpdate.Flag='Y'
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Check Query plan, it must be using deferred update which is taking longer time to update. Query suggested by Michael should perform better.

rememeber below points which require deferred update

  • Updates that use self-joins

  • Updates to columns used for self-referential integrity

  • Updates to a table referenced in a correlated subquery


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