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How do I build custom themes for primefaces ? Can I do it using themeroller ?

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This question is overly broad and rhetorical. What exactly is the problem you're facing? In your on a related subject…, you got a link to which in turn mentions and links to Isn't that already an answer at its own? (the answer is "Yes") – BalusC Jun 7 '11 at 17:20

See the primfaces website ( ) to make your theme in themeroller then download it.

See this video, also:

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+1 for the link to the video - this is a far easier approach then the difficult, hand-rolled JAR approach that is advocated in the PrimeFaces PDF documentation (which is made even harder if you are a Maven user and need to supply your JAR from a lib folder and then refer to it in your web.xml file!) – 8bitjunkie Jul 31 '12 at 21:27

Found this online tool for converting themeroller zip to primefaces jar, with instructions for maven usage:

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you can use PrimeFaces Theme Converter

it works with jquery-ui-1.10.3

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It is possible (at least as of 2.2.1) to extract out the images and stylesheets of the individual theme and refer to them dynamically through code. I believe there is a Primefaces component in version 3 that does this for you however.

The following is an example of how I acheive this.

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="#{request.contextPath}/themes/#{sessionScopedBean.theme}/skin.css" />

You can use that existing theme as a template and make changes as you see fit. You can also change the theme property of the session bean to dynamically change your themes.

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This topic is covered by chapter 8.2 of Primefaces documentation. Yes, you can use themeroller, optionally you can create a JAR file of your theme. Then you can use it like the other predefined Primefaces themes.

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see this website If you want to make custom theme select theme in task bar and go to theme roller Roll Your Own button and then make a changes as your need. 2.If you want to use existing theme and you want to change the color means select gallery button i)select a favorite themeii)Edit a theme changes the coloriii)Download theme Finally you get a zip file.Extract a zip file it contains image folder and css file. Copy image and css file.Put images in web content/common/images folder and css file into web content/resources/css. Finally use this link to display your custom theme use the css file

    <link href="./resources/css/example.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
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