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I have been having trouble deploying liferay portlets and themes from the command line with ant deploy;

sample execution:

pwd: C:\liferay-plugins-sdk\themes

create.bat deep-blue "Deep Blue"

cd deep-blue-theme

ant deploy

-> Buildfile: C:\liferay-plugins-sdk\themes\deep-blue-theme\build.xml

-> compile:


-> C:\liferay-plugins-stk\themes\build-common-theme.xml:172: C:\liferay-plugins-sdk\themes\deep-blue-theme\liferay-portal-6.0.6 omcat-6.0.29webappsROOT\html\themes_unstyled does not exist.

the problem appears to be with the bold section and how the path is obviously incorrect; where is this directory being set?


the problem was my app.server.dir in build.{username}.properties

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The error is a result of the ant build not being able to find a Liferay installation (which contains items needed by the SDK).

By default, the build properties in the SDK are set up on the assumption that your setup looks like this:

- Your Development Directory
  - bundles
    - data
    - deploy
    - license
    - tomcat-6.0.29
  - liferay-plugins-sdk

Where bundles contains a Liferay bundle distribution, including the bundled Tomcat server.

You can see this setup in the file at the root level of your SDK.

# Specify the paths to an unzipped Tomcat bundle.

The recommended way to change this is not to edit this section of, but to create overriding entries in a new file, called (where username is your user name on your computer account).

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i should have initially included my app.server.dir=C:\liferay-portal-6.0.6\tomcat-6.0.29 auto.deploy.dir=C:\liferay-portal-6.0.6\deploy app.server.lib.portal.dir=C:\liferay-portal-6.0.6\tomcat-6.0.29\webapps\ROOT\WEB‌​-INF\lib app.server.portal.dir=C:\liferay-portal-6.0.6\tomcat-6.0.29\webapps\ROOT – COner Jun 7 '11 at 18:10

As you say in the comment to kirkz's answer, you have already set your You obviously have used backslash in there. Here \t is short for the tab character. This explains what you see: ...liferay-portal-6.0.6 omcat... (there's a tab between 6.0.6 and omcat)

Do only use forward-slash in properties files (when you refer to file names, no matter if you're on windows or on any other platforms)

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ahh wow, thank you, i hadn't exactly figured out the problem but had completely scrapped my version of the file and started it over with copy paste and it worked. – COner Jun 8 '11 at 20:12

I think to solve this issue just for now. To check weather you are getting unsuccessful build or not you can try this solution:

I have just used the static liferay path in this solution.

            <equals arg1="${theme.parent}" arg2="classic" />
                <copy todir="docroot" overwrite="true">

                <copy todir="docroot/templates" overwrite="true">

After setting up this code in your build-common-theme.xml file you will NOT get omcat-6.0.29webappsROOT\html\themes_unstyled error at least.

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