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here is the code with the problem:

#include "Battleship header.h"

void Player::torpedo(string enemyEvtTracker[][10], string myhitboard[][10])
    string bcn; //board column number
    cout << "Enter board column number (1-9): "; cin >> bcn; flush();
    {cout <<endl<< "That is not a valid number.";}


here is the class Player:

using namespace std;
class Player // define a class for a player
    void torpedo(string enemyEvtTracker[10][10], string myhitboard[10][10]);
    void cannon();
    void scatter();
    void menu();
    friend int main(int, char*[]);   //Let main access the protected members
    friend int routine_END(void);
    void displaydata()
    {cout << money << endl << gunpowder << endl << ammo_cannon << endl << ammo_4hit << endl;}
    string savename;
    int gunpowder;
    int ammo_cannon;
    int ammo_4hit; string gun_4;
    int ammo_scatter; string gun_s;
    int money;
    Player(string name){money=18000; gunpowder=100;ammo_cannon=20; ammo_4hit=0; ammo_scatter=0; gun_4="OFF"; gun_s="OFF";playername=name;}  //Define the constructor
    void simplegame(void) {gunpowder=99999999; ammo_cannon=999999999; ammo_scatter=4; gun_s="ON";}
    void getname(string *playername, int option)
        if (option==1)
        {cout << "Enter your name here player 1:"; cin >> *playername;}
        else {cout << "Enter your name here player 2:"; cin >> *playername;}
    string playername;
    char mainRowGuess;
    int check_transaction (int mymoney, int moneyowed)
        if (mymoney-moneyowed<<0) {return 0;}
        else {return 1;}
    void change_Answer_to_number(char row,int* outputRow)
            if (row=='A'||row=='a'){*outputRow =1;}
       else if (row=='B'||row=='b'){*outputRow =2;}
       else if (row=='C'||row=='c'){*outputRow =3;}
       else if (row=='D'||row=='d'){*outputRow =4;}
       else if (row=='E'||row=='e'){*outputRow =5;}
       else if (row=='F'||row=='f'){*outputRow =6;}
       else if (row=='G'||row=='g'){*outputRow =7;}
       else if (row=='H'||row=='h'){*outputRow =8;}
       else if (row=='I'||row=='i'){*outputRow =9;}
       else {*outputRow = 0;}
    void changeCharToNumber(char row, int* outputRow)
            if (row=='1'){*outputRow=1;}
       else if (row=='2'){*outputRow=2;}
       else if (row=='3'){*outputRow=3;}
       else if (row=='4'){*outputRow=4;}
       else if (row=='5'){*outputRow=5;}
       else if (row=='6'){*outputRow=6;}
       else if (row=='7'){*outputRow=7;}
       else if (row=='8'){*outputRow=8;}
       else if (row=='9'){*outputRow=9;}
       else {cout << "Unexpected Error." << endl; *outputRow=0;}

  char airRowStart; char airColStart; char aircraftDirec;
  char destRowStart; char destColStart; char destroyerDirec;
  char subRowStart; char subColStart; char subDirec;
  char patrolStart; char patrolDirec;
    void error_money(void) {cout << "Not enough money!";}
    char startRowAircraftCarrier;
    char startRowDestroyer;
    char startRowSub;
    char startRowPatrolBoat;

    friend int routine_END (void);
    friend void menu (int* gunpowder, int* ammo_cannon, int* ammo_4hit, int* ammo_scatter, int* money, string* gun_4, string* gun_s);



and this generates the following build log...

-------------- Build: Debug in Advanced Battleship Obj

[ 50.0%] Compiling: main.cpp C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\main.cpp:32: warning: ignoring #pragma comment In file included from C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/imputoutput.h:9, from C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/Battleship header.h:3, from C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\main.cpp:25: C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/BattleshipPlayerClass.h:74: warning: 'int routine_END()' is already a friend of class 'Player' C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/BattleshipPlayerClass.h: In member function 'int Player::check_transaction(int, int)': C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/BattleshipPlayerClass.h:33: warning: suggest parentheses around '-' inside '<<' In file included from C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\main.cpp:27: C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/BattleshipMenu.h: In member function 'void Player::menu()': C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/BattleshipMenu.h:118: warning: label 'GUNPOWDER_MENU_1' defined but not used C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/BattleshipMenu.h:166: warning: label 'CIN_WEAPON_OPTION_SCATTER_CANNON' defined but not used In file included from C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\main.cpp:30: C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/weapons.h: At global scope: > C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/weapons.h:5: error: declaration of 'enemyEvtTracker' as multidimensional array must have bounds for all dimensions except the first C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/weapons.h:5: error: expected ')' before ',' token C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/weapons.h:5: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ',' token C:\Advanced_Battleship_Revised_5111\/weapons.h:5: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before 'myhitboard' Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 1 seconds) 4 errors, 5 warnings

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Unrelated to your question, but you should really cast bcn to an integer and then just test if (bcn <= 1 && bcn >= 9) for outputting an error message. – Cody Jun 7 '11 at 17:34
Post the definition of Player class. – Nawaz Jun 7 '11 at 17:36
Why is Player::torpedo missing a return type? – Seth Carnegie Jun 7 '11 at 17:40
no, still doesn't work. It's weird because it does have bounds – someguy Jun 7 '11 at 17:41
@someguy post the exact error, line no. and all. And make sure the return type of torpedo is void in the .cpp file too. – Seth Carnegie Jun 7 '11 at 17:43
Player::torpedo(string enemyEvtTracker[10][10], string myhitboard[10][10])

This is the definition of the member function. Where is the declaration?

My guess is that in the declaration you've not mentioned the size of the array, as you did in the definition. It seems you've written simply enemyEvtTracker [][]? See the definition of Player class, and verify how you've declared torpedo member function in it.

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Sorry the player class definition is messed up. It won't format it correctly – someguy Jun 7 '11 at 17:46
Oh I forgot to include the arguments (array,array) in the prototype. – someguy Jun 7 '11 at 17:46

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