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I have a storedproc accepts parameters in XMLtype as

                            p_para  IN  XMLTYPE,

i have to pass 4 parameters to this proc how to do this?

i am passing param as db.Parameters("p1", Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleDbType.Varchar2, _ ' LN.Length, CObj(LN), Data.ParameterDirection.Input)

and tried this db.Parameters("p1", Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleDbType.XMLType, _ ' LN.Length, CObj(LN), Data.ParameterDirection.Input)

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any sample with full source code about it ? –  Kiquenet Jan 31 '12 at 11:02

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create a XMLDoc object and add nodes to it ..the nodes name should be same as parameters name in the procedure and db.parameters("p1", Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleDbType.xmltype,xmldoc.outerxml.length, cobj(xmldoc.outerxml),Data.ParameterDirection.Input)

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