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I have a text area where the users of the system can post anything, even html tags. My problem is, when the user posts a link or an anchor tag to a page outside the domain of my website, the user leaves my domain and goes to another site. I don't want this to happen. I want the link to be opened in a new tab or in a new window, so that the user still remains in my domain. How do i do this? Please help......

Edit: Here is how the scrap i being displayed:

        echo '<div id="scrap_text"><pre>'.htmlentities($row2['scrap']).'</pre></div>';
        echo '<div id="scrap_text"><pre>'.$row2['scrap'].'</pre></div>';
        echo '</div>';

And the jquery is:

                                    $("#scrap_text").find("a").attr("target", "_blank");  });

I am not getting the required functionality. The scraps displayed above using php, are loaded using placed ajax. Is it because the div is loaded after the document.ready is being loaded?

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It would be useful showing us your code so we can investigate further. –  MacMac Jun 7 '11 at 17:56

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Using JQuery, you can find <a> tags inside of a user post, and then inject the target="_blank" property into them.

Something like this:

$("#post").find("a").attr("target", "_blank");
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