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After banging my head against the wall over this for the past few hours trying to debug this, I have finally resolved to asking for help.

I have this data like this I am wanting to send to an ashx handler (it's a good deal of data).

var value = [{"start":["3,0"],"block":["0,0","1,2"],"end":["2,1"],"star":"gold","moves":3,"difficulty":"easy"},{"start":["1,0"],"block":["1,3","3,0","4,2"],"end":["0,1"],"star":"gold","moves":4,"difficulty":"easy"},{"start":["3,0"],"block":["0,0","0,2","2,0","3,2"],"end":["1,0"],"star":"silver","moves":4,"difficulty":"easy"},{"start":["3,0"],"block":["0,0","2,0","3,1"],"end":["1,3"],"star":"gold","moves":6,"difficulty":"easy"},{"start":["0,0","2,0"],"block":["2,3"],"end":["1,2"],"star":"gold","moves":4,"difficulty":"easy"},{"start":["2,1"],"block":["0,1","0,2","1,0","1,1","2,0","2,2","2,3","3,1","3,2"],"end":["1,3"],"star":"gold","moves":5,"difficulty":"easy"},{"start":["1,0"],"block":["0,0","3,0","2,3"],"end":["4,1"],"star":"gold","moves":5,"difficulty":"medium"},{"start":["0,0","0,4"],"block":["0,5","0,2","3,3"],"end":["1,1"],"star":"gold","moves":7,"difficulty":"medium"},{"start":["0,0","2,6"],"block":["0,5","3,3","2,1"],"end":["3,5"],"star":"gold","moves":8,"difficulty":"medium"},{"start":["4,1","4,3"],"block":["3,0","4,2"],"end":["0,1","1,4","3,2"],"star":"gold","moves":8,"difficulty":"medium"},{"start":["1,2","3,4","4,2"],"block":["0,2","3,0"],"end":["2,3"],"star":"gold","moves":9,"difficulty":"medium"},{"start":["3,1","3,6"],"block":["0,0","0,3","0,7","2,5"],"end":["2,3"],"star":"gold","moves":11,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,7","0,2"],"block":["2,0","3,2","0,6","1,6","1,7"],"end":["3,3"],"star":"gold","moves":12,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,0","0,3"],"block":["0,1","2,2","3,0","3,3"],"end":["4,2"],"star":"gold","moves":8,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,0","0,6"],"block":["0,1","1,0","1,1","2,5","3,7"],"end":["3,4"],"star":"gold","moves":13,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,0","0,2","0,4","2,0","2,4","3,2","4,0","4,4"],"block":["0,1","0,3","1,0","1,1","1,2","1,3","1,4","2,1","2,3","3,0","3,1","3,3","3,4","4,1","4,2","4,3"],"end":["2,2"]},{"start":["0,0","0,2","0,4","1,1","2,0","2,4","3,2","4,0","4,2","4,4"],"block":["0,1","0,3","1,0","1,2","1,3","1,4","2,1","2,3","3,0","3,1","3,3","3,4","4,1","4,3"],"end":["2,2"],"star":"silver","moves":42,"difficulty":"medium"},{"start":["0,0","3,3","4,0"],"block":["0,1","2,3","3,0","4,4"],"end":["0,3"],"star":"gold","moves":11,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,4","1,1","3,5","4,2"],"block":["0,0","3,1","4,1"],"end":["2,3"],"star":"gold","moves":14,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,0","3,2","3,6"],"block":["0,4","0,5","4,4"],"end":["1,1"],"star":"gold","moves":13,"difficulty":"hard"},{"start":["0,2"],"block":["0,7","4,0","4,6","5,0","6,0","6,5"],"end":["2,0"]}]

And I am using this function to send the request:

function storeValue(value) {
    var val = encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(value));
        url: "DataHandler.ashx",
        async: false,
        data: { key: "someKey", value: val, action: "store" },
        datatype: "json",
        success: function (data) {

In the DataHandler.ashx, this is the relevant code:

public class DataHandler : IHttpHandler, IReadOnlySessionState
        public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
             var query = context.Request.QueryString;
             string action = query["action"];
             string key = query["key"];
             string val = query["value"];

Through debugging, I find out that the DataHander isn't even being called. If I remove the value from the query string, like this:

data: { key: key, action: "store" },

The ProcessRequest method will be called as I would expect.

I am guessing that value might be too long or something. Why isn't it being sent, and how can I fix it?

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Have you tried monitoring your request via Fiddler or Firebug? Also, having this be a GET will probably cause you to run into the max length of a URI + query string, which I think is in the 2000-4000 char limit. I think IE8 has a 2048 limit. If you run your request through Fiddler, do you see it being sent out? If so, what error (if any) do you see in the response? – David Hoerster Jun 7 '11 at 18:18
Why you didn't add type: "POST" in $.ajax? Other way, i think it does GET request, and data has to be given in one string like this: var=val&var2=val2 and so on... – nagisa Jun 7 '11 at 18:23
@David It has a 400 Bad Request error. – Peter Olson Jun 7 '11 at 18:23
Try changing the method to POST and see what happens. If this works, you are probably hitting the GET length limit. – Ender Jun 7 '11 at 18:24
@David Changing to POST and changing context.Request.QueryString to context.Request.Form fixed it, thanks. Can you post an answer that I can accept? – Peter Olson Jun 7 '11 at 18:36

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When I run my test code, I see the following error come back from the jQuery ajax call:

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: The length of the query string for this request exceeds the configured maxQueryStringLength value.

So your query string is too long (at least for IE9 which is what I'm testing on).

As the comments suggested, changing this to a POST allows the ProcessRequest method to be reached in your ASHX file.

You'd also want to change ProcessRequest to retrieve values from the request body, not the query string....

public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
    var query = context.Request;
    string action = query["action"];
    string key = query["key"];
    string val = query["value"];

I hope this helps!

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