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What i'm trying to do is crawl this webpage using C# http://www.madisonhonda.com/Preowned-Inventory.aspx?layout=layout1#

What I have so far is this

public const string TestURL = "http://www.madisonhonda.com/PreownedInventory.aspx#layout=layout1";
static void kickOFF()
    WebBrowser wb = new WebBrowser();

    //wb.DocumentCompleted += new WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventHandler(webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted);
    while (wb.ReadyState != WebBrowserReadyState.Complete)

    HtmlElement document = wb.Document.GetElementsByTagName("html")[0];
    HtmlElement button = wb.Document.GetElementById("ctl08_ctl00_InventoryListDisplayFieldRepeater2_ctl00_BlockViewPaging_Next");

Using firebug this is what it says for the element I want to click is the following:

a id="ctl08_ctl00_InventoryListDisplayFieldRepeater2_ctl00_BlockViewPaging_Next"       
onclick="javascript:AJAX_FireCallBackEvent(this,event,'ctl08$ctl00$InventoryListDisplayFieldRepeater2$ctl00$BlockViewPaging$Next','$Next',true,'','','',true,PreSearchAjax,PostSearchAjax,null,true,true);return false;"> ► </a>

Am I misreading the ID? Is it not? ctl08_ctl00_InventoryListDisplayFieldRepeater2_ctl00_BlockViewPaging_Next

Also, how would I reload the html for each time I do an InvokeMember?

Okay, so update if i add a button to my winform it will cycle threw the webpages.

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Does it have to be done using the hosted WinForms WebBrowser control?

If you can do what ever you need through a normal browser I would suggest you use a dedicated web testing framework such as Selenium or Watin to perform this level of automation rather than trying to get the WebBrowser control to do it.

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well it has to be automated and drivin through a mysql backend (for the urls) –  Mike Jun 7 '11 at 19:55

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