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I am having problems getting the HtmlActionLink to pick the correct route (the second below).

Here are all my routes:

routes.MapRoute("LoginPage", "login", new { controller = "login", action = "index" });

routes.MapRoute("HomePage", "pages/{client}/{matter}", new { controller = "home", action = "index", client = UrlParameter.Optional, matter = UrlParameter.Optional });

routes.MapRoute("Default", "{controller}/{action}", new { controller = "default", action = "index" });

Here is the action link:

Html.ActionLink("user name", "index", "home", new RouteValueDictionary(new { client="abcdef" }), null)

I end up with this:


Anyone know whit it is not matching the second route? Or a way to debug it

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IMHO: Use RouteLink instead of ActionLink. It's faster, and it can't possibly pick the "wrong" route. –  Craig Stuntz Jun 7 '11 at 19:46

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I think controller and action names should start from uppercase letter. When searching match in routes table, we get to the last elment, action name is not displayed, because it match to default, extra parameter goes after '?', because it is not match. Problems with 'extra' query string parameters (that appears after '?') usually arise when controller/action name not match.

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Oddly enough, what you pasted works for me :), meaning I got second route picked and proper link. Do you have any other routes, or only those three? I got your result when I removed matter = UrlParameter.Optional (sure you were recompiling project while you were experimenting ;-).

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Problem is that matter IS optional, so if I send null it won't work. –  Chad Jun 8 '11 at 13:06

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