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Without using jQuery (can't get into why NOT right now) how do I disable an ASP.NET button from being "clickable" if a certain client-side condition is not met?

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why aren't you able to remove the button from ? Javascript can be disabled and any advanced user will be able to click on the button if they want to... –  VirtualTroll Jun 7 '11 at 19:51

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You can do something like this with pure javascript.

    document.getElementById("buttonClientID").disable = true;
    document.getElementById("buttonClientID").disable = false;
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The button will be rendered as an <input> tag on the client side. Find the input using the standard JavaScript document.getElementById and set its disabled property to true.

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OnClientClick="return false;" will prevent the post back, without disabling the button. And you can add an alert('button disabled') if wanted.

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Use javascript:


or try


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