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I'm having this strange error for the devise_invitable extension:

uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::SecureRandom

But the strange thing is that I don't know how to load that module anyway, like if in my console I execute ActiveSupport, thats fine and responds with true but not that SecureRandom class, or ActiveSupport::SecureRandom, and like I know its part of ActiveRecord, it's in the docs here:

How would you start troubleshooting an issue like this?

More Details

So it seems the class SecureRandom works as is, but not when called as part of ActiveSupport like ActiveSupport::SecureRandom, why would this be?

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Which version of Rails are you on? – Dylan Markow Jun 7 '11 at 20:05
actually I'm on the edge version, so that might be just dumb on my part but whatever. – JP Silvashy Jun 7 '11 at 23:23
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I fixed this by switching to the master branch of Devise on my 3-1-stable Rails application.

gem 'devise', :git => "git://"
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I ran into this issue with the activeadmin gem and solved it with a hack at the top of devise.rb

ActiveSupport::SecureRandom = SecureRandom


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