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Currently when I (or more importantly, a user) type in one of my rest functions into the URL, it works, with the 200 status code. But if you type a wrong one or mispell it, a 404 page is generated, with a 404 status code when looking at it through a REST client.

Instead of getting a 404 page when the bad URL is sent, I would instead like to display a dynamically generated JSON object.

How do I fix that error handling to do what I want, Is there a place where I can define what should be done during a particular status code?

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I am not very familiar with the Play Framework, but I was interested. This discussion seemed at least similar to what you want:

Gaëtan Renaudeau


You can customize errors pages depending of the http code error (404, 500, 403, ...) by editing app/views/errors/{code}.html files where {code} is you http code. If you are using other format than html (like xml, json) you can have 404.json , 404.xml, etc...

So, modify:


Hopefully this at least points you in the right direction.

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