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I have an SBT Project that creates a JAR file using some external tool (all working fine), i.e. it's not compiling source code. I have the Maven Repo correctly configured with correct Credentials but I am struggling to figure out how to configure the artifact so it publishes the generated JAR file.

My JAR file is "target/my.jar".

I've overridden artifacts as follows:

override def artifacts = Set(Artifact("my.jar", "jar", "jar"))

publish outputs the following

No dependency configuration found, using defaults. [info] :: publishing ::

Can anyone point me in the right direction with this neat tool?


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Did you set up the publishTo like this:

 override def managedStyle = ManagedStyle.Maven
 val publishTo = "My Repo" at ""

Then you run the 'publish' action. You can also do 'publish local'.

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I did. It's actually pushing the "defaults" fine. – Andy Hull Jun 7 '11 at 21:37

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