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I have this PHP code below that i would like to adapt a little with some help.

I need to produce a list of images based on the URL pointing to a specific folder (using expression engine).

Currently this code works really well but i need it to do two more things...

  1. To move up a folder if it doesn't find one... e.g if it doesn't find directory/subdirectory it will go off and search in directory instead.(this would need to stop obviously at a certain level)

  2. Produce a list of all images in the folder, not just one like below.

    $bgimagearray = array();
    $iterator = new DirectoryIterator("sites/domain.co.uk/public_html/assets/images/bg-images/{last_segment}");
    foreach ($iterator as $fileinfo) {
        if ($fileinfo->isFile() && !preg_match('/-c\.jpg$/', $fileinfo->getFilename())) {
            $bgimagearray[] = "'" . $fileinfo->getFilename() . "'";
    $bgimage = array_rand($bgimagearray);
    <div id="backgroundImage"> 
            <img src="{site_url}assets/images/bg-images/{last_segment}/<?php echo trim($bgimagearray[$bgimage], "'"); ?>" alt="{last_segment}" />
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On the first issue, you can use dirname php function. For the other issue, the one of getting all the files instead of one, you already have the whole array in $bgimagearray, so you can iterate it with a foreach.

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Cool, so if i still use the random function i can loop through below. –  Andy Jun 7 '11 at 20:56

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