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I have a problem with a qemu-image that no longer boots.

The host-machine and the vm are both squeeze/amd64.

I started the vm as a qcow2-image with 2 partitions (root (ext3) and swap).

Then I ran out of disk-space on the vm and for curiosity's sake I wanted to see if I could resize the image.

So I did the following:

I converted the image to a raw-image, and added another 1GB at the end.

Then I deleted both partitions and recreated them in such a way that my root-partiton is now 1GB bigger and the swap-partition moved to the end of the increased image.

Finally I used tune2fs to increase the ext3-filesystem to make full use of the (now larger partition).

I can now mount (via a loopback-device) the increased filesystem and verify that my operation worked. The filesystem did not loose any data and where before the filesystem was full I now have an extra GB available - so that worked.

I can also see that the UUID of the filesystem did not change during this operation.

Unfortunately however the resulting disk does no longer boot.

The error I get from grub is "error: no such device ", citing the UUID that is referenced in the grub-config-file and that is the same UUID as before.

I only get a "grub rescue>" prompt where no matter which command I try I always get "Unknown command".

I have tried to re-install grub but that did not change anything (possibly because I may be doing it wrong.

So could someone please explain to me how to properly re-install grub2 on a qemu-raw image or else give me a clue on how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks!

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you should ask this question on qemu mailing-list. –  db42 Jun 10 '11 at 14:36

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