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I have a custom CTabCtrl which I am trying to customize (to automatically change pages).

If I handle ON_NOTIFY_REFLECT(TCN_SELCHANGE, ...) in my tab control, ON_NOTIFY(TCN_SELCHANGE, ...) is not received by the parent class.

How can I receive both notify messages in the child and parent classes?

Currently I am using a "workaround" of manually sending the WM_NOTIFY message to the parent class:

void CMyTabControl::OnSelChange(NMHDR *pHeader, LRESULT *pResult)
    const int index = this->GetCurSel();

    const CWnd *const pParent = this->GetParent();
    if (pParent != NULL)
        *pResult = pParent->SendMessage(WM_NOTIFY, TCN_SELCHANGE, 

Edit: I've tried both *pResult = 0 and *pResult = 1 but it still doesn't send the message onto the parent. Also, I've noticed that when I send the message on to the parent I end up in an almost infinite loop (for some reason it does break out after several iterations).

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I've found the answer:


Basically you have to use ON_NOTIFY_REFLECT_EX and then return FALSE from your function to enable the parent notify message to be fired.

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