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I'm trying to create a binding of a generic trait using Guice

See how the trait is defined

trait Repository[T]

See the trait implementation

class DomainRepository extends Repository[Domain]

My configure method in DomainPersistenceModule is:

def configure() {

The variable whose dependence will be injected is:

  var repository:Repository[Domain] = _

The injection occurs here:

val injector:Injector = Guice.createInjector(new PersistenceModule())

val persistenceService:PersistenceService =

The error is:

Caused by: com.google.inject.ConfigurationException: Guice configuration errors:

1) No implementation for repository.Repository<domain.Domain> annotated with @module.annotation.DomainDependency() was bound.
  while locating repository.Repository<domain.Domain> annotated with @module.annotation.DomainDependency()
    for field at service.persistence.DomainPersistenceService.repository(DomainPersistenceService.scala:19)
  while locating service.persistence.DomainPersistenceService

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance

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You need a TypeLiteral binding like this:

bind(new TypeLiteral[Repository[Domain]] {})

See "How to inject class with generic type?" in the Guice FAQ.

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As David says, you need a TypeLiteral to bind a generic type (remember - generic types are erased to just the class, without the type parameter at run-time).

Another alternative is to something like my Scala Guice library to build the TypeLiterals needed by Guice from Scala's Manifests. If you mix in the ScalaModule trait, you would then be able to do something like:

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