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I am working on android development, I need a good UI designer which is easy to use.

What is a good UI graphical editor for Android? for OSX.

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I think the options are the eclipse plugin (ADT) and DroidDraw.

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Unless they made gigantic advancements in progress, the Eclipse plug-in (ADT) is still a terrible tool to use as a UI graphical editor for Android. –  Jon Jun 7 '11 at 22:02
Have you checked ADT 11? Its much better now. –  inazaruk Jun 7 '11 at 22:09

ADT 11 was released yesterday(06 June 2011).

here you can watch adt 11 version tools demo on Google I/O:


I think it has come close to what we'd expect. Personally, I am really impressed.

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The eclipse plugin has made Dramatic improvements in the last couple of versions. ADT 11 of the plugin has some great stuff mentioned in this video: here.
here is a good summary of the changes / improvements made in ADT 11. You'll also need version 11 of the sdk tools, available here.

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