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Is anyone using netbeans 6.9 and Google AppEngine? If so do you have JavaDoc lookup working? Netbeans doesn't seem to be able to find the GAE JavaDoc even though I have tried adding the JavaDoc using the Java Platforms option, the libraries option and the server's option. I keep getting "JavaDoc not found" in the pop up window when doing a lookup. Hopefully someone knows how to resolve this issue.

PS I've also tried creating a new library and adding the JavaDoc but this did not work either.

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I uninstalled the Google AppEngine plugin I had downloaded for netbeans and now the javadoc lookup works properly. So I guess that plugin was causing this issue.

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Use Eclipse IDE with the GAE plugin . Google supports it is kinda official development platform for GAE

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I would but I'd prefer to use netbeans. I'd also like to know why this is happening. –  toc777 Jun 8 '11 at 14:29
yes i too prefer netbeans but just for the sake of gae I use Eclipse.Also I do not know why that's happening . Does this help ? edu.netbeans.org/quicktour/javadoc.html . I could test it out but it's a big job cause I gotta import libraries and stuff as I have not used it before :) –  HackToHell Jun 8 '11 at 16:16

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