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I know that this is not the suggested way of doing things with SVN, but I would like not to change our current way of working with our classic ASP application.

Everything is centralized on a single IIS development server and I don't want every developer to have their own copy.

Having said that, is there a way to use locking when sharing a working copy under SVN?

From what I understood, you can lock files on the repository so no one can commit them, but what about concurrent access in the working directory?

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The locking is not available thru SVN on a Working copy. This is kind of a vague concept of using a repository and still having a common area where all developers are working!

I would suggest you to change the working methodology and let the developers have their own copies, and on the IIS working copy, use update (or auto-update) as soon as a change is checked in. You can use Pollers to look for changes in the repository.

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If you are sharing the working copy, then it is basically just a bunch of files and folders and you "lock" them using standard filesystem permissions.

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From what you know, is there a way to manage this automatically using SVN hooks? –  Jason Jun 8 '11 at 13:53

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