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How to pass argument to Makefile from command line?

I understand I can do

$ make action VAR="value"
$ value

with Makefile

VAR = "default"
    @echo $(VAR)

How do I get the following behavior?

$ make action value


How about

$make action value1 value2
value1 value2
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You probably shouldn't do this; you're breaking the basic pattern of how Make works. But here it is:

        @echo action $(filter-out $@,$(MAKECMDGOALS))

value1 value2:

    @:    # thanks to William Pursell

To explain the first command,

$(MAKECMDGOALS) is the list of "targets" spelled out on the command line, e.g. "action value1 value2".

$@ is an automatic variable for the name of the target of the rule, in this case "action".

filter-out is a function that removes some elements from a list. So $(filter-out bar, foo bar baz) returns foo baz (it can be more subtle, but we don't need subtlety here).

Put these together and $(filter-out $@,$(MAKECMDGOALS)) returns the list of targets specified on the command line other than "action", which might be "value1 value2".


As @chakrit points out, the value1 value2: rule requires that the arguments "value1" and "value2" be known in advance. The rule should be:

%:      # thanks to chakrit
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I don't know whether to upvote you for being ingenious or downvote you for being insane. I'll go with the upvote. –  Jack Kelly Jun 8 '11 at 10:45
Could you explain a little what/how $(filter-out $@,$(MAKECMDGOALS)) does? –  Meng Lu Jun 8 '11 at 20:01
But that only works if you know the string value1 and value2 in advance right? What if it's an arbitary argument? –  chakrit Dec 12 '12 at 9:40
@chakrit: You're right. I'll amend... –  Beta Dec 12 '12 at 16:10
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(This is probably a comment, but I prefer to have some formatting)

Whats wrong with

$> cat Makefile
    VAR = "default"
    VAR2 = "default2"
    @echo action vars= VAR $(VAR) VAR2 $(VAR2)

$> make VAR=yyy VAR2=zzz
action vars= VAR xxx VAR2 yyy

 $> >make
 action vars= VAR default VAR2 default2


I hope this helps.

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