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  1. Is it possible to redirect a view script via using a zend method ?

  2. Or would it just be simpler to use a php redirect: <?php header('Location: $myurl') ?>

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1.: Yes, 2.: No. –  hakre Jun 8 '11 at 4:00
Define "redirect a view script" –  Phil Jun 8 '11 at 4:02
@phil view script - file exists in the application/layouts/scripts folder. Where sometimes controller variables aren't in scope without directly adding it to the $this->view method –  chrisjlee Jun 8 '11 at 4:11
To re-iterate my comment, what do you mean by "redirect a view script". That statement to me does not make any sense. You can return a redirect response by sending a Location header but I can't see how the verb "redirect" applies to the noun "view script" –  Phil Jun 8 '11 at 4:27
@phil i think we can save our discussion for english.SE . No time for semantics; everyone else understood my question. –  chrisjlee Jun 8 '11 at 13:06

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In your controller (use location header):



$redirector = $this->getHelper('Redirector');
/* @var $redirector Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector */

you can also use:

        'action'     => 'my-action',
        'controller' => 'my-controller'

If you want to use a different view script than the default:

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Thanks. this is what i was looking for. –  chrisjlee Jun 8 '11 at 13:06

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