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I have some code like

function Cname(id, name)

Cname.prototype.dosomething = function()
    //1. $(window).resize(this.handle_resize);
    //2. var self = this;
    //   $(window).resize(function(e, self){
    //       self.handle_resize(e);
    //   });

Cname.prototype.handle_resize= function(e)

I tried two ways to register handle_resize for window resize event as shown above, but both do not work. I understand how it works in case of global functions.

How can I make it work when a function is member of a Class?

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the second way in not correct - it should be $(window).resize(function(e) { self.handle_resize(e); });. Put some alerts to debug (or use debugger from FireBug/Chrome/IE8) - e.g. alert(this.handle_resize) in dosomething should alert 'object' –  VinayC Jun 8 '11 at 4:27
oh sorry I put an answer below that is the same as your comment. –  rob Jun 8 '11 at 5:04
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var self = this;
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