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I am using cocos2d-android-1 for my gamedevelopment. I have some confusion related to memory allocation. Suppose I need an array of sprites. I will declare them as

CCSprite mySprites = new CCSprite[MAX_SPRITES];

and while creating i will create them and add to current layer like:

for(int i=0;i<MAX_SPRITES;i++)
    mySprites[i] = CCSprite.sprite("image_"+i+".png");

Now sprites are added to layer but we need to access them while game flow so we will use mySprites; So my question is when we do this.removeAllChildren(true); for this layer, will it remove all children and also mySprites sprites? Or do we need to do something like this

for(int i=0;i<MAX_SPRITES;i++)
    mySprites[i] = null;

In my game I think memory is leaking if there is simillar case.

We can also use tags to retrive sprites instead of using

CCSprite mySprites = new CCSprite[MAX_SPRITES];.

Please can you tell me what is the solution for this?


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