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I am having below issue when trying to brows the site through navigation,

as you can see left hand site image some time load some time aren't, i am you using below code to change the image when going through to different page,

var pic = new Image();
pic.src = "images/homeLargeImg.jpg";

and below is the my backend code.

var RHigh=$('#RightPane').height() var windHigh=$(window).height()

$(pic).hide().load(function() { //debugger; $(this).fadeIn(); var marginT=(windHigh/100*5) var imgH = (marginT+windHigh)

$("#LeftPaneImage").html("<img id='triquibackimg' src='"+pic.src+"'  style='"+windHigh+"'/>")


$(window).bind('resize', function() { resize() });

function resize() {


if( RHigh < windHigh)   

        //----------------Right Pane vAlign--------------

                (function ($) {
                $.fn.vAlign = function() {
                    return this.each(function(i){
                    var h = $(this).height();
                    var oh = $(this).outerHeight();
                    var mt = (h + (oh - h)) / 2;    
                    $(this).css("margin-top", "-" + mt + "px"); 
                    $(this).css("top", "50%");
                    $(this).css("position", "absolute");    

                (function ($) {
                $.fn.hAlign = function() {
                    return this.each(function(i){
                    var w = $(this).width();
                    var ow = $(this).outerWidth();  
                    var ml = (w + (ow - w)) / 2;    
                    $(this).css("margin-left", "-" + ml + "px");    
                    $(this).css("left", $("#LeftPane").width());
                    $(this).css("position", "absolute");

                $(document).ready(function() {


    //  if ($(window).height()>800){

// $("#RightPane").css("position",'relative'); // } // else{$("#RightPane").css("margin-top",60)} } }

can some one please advice about this?


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Offtopic: I wanted to comment on this questions, because I don't have the answer (yet), its lame that I must have a repetation of 50 to comment..

Ontopic: What are you trying to achieve and what is the problem?

  • When I try to view your website, all the large images on the left are loading (mac, chrome), I checked all pages..
  • They do load very slow..
  • Why do you want to insert the image by javascript and not simply by a img tag?
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actually I want to resize the left image to browser height, and when I am resize the window image resize accrding to window height. and right pane and navigation moves according to that, also right pane must v align to window. – Nir Jun 10 '11 at 4:50
I didnt notice your comment untill now, is it still relevant to reply? – BlackHawkDesign Jul 27 '11 at 7:35

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