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I wonder if anyone can help me with understanding how i could change portable jndi names.

The problem is simple - I try to create tests for existing enterprise application. This application is placed on the IBM application server 7. Inside the app the JNDI lookup looks like jndi.lookup('ejblocal:SomeBeanName')

I have created Junit tests with glassfish-embedded using EJBContainer.createEJBContainer. All EJBs deployed sucsessful, but if you want to retrieve beans from jndi you should use the "portable" jndi names like java:global/bla/bla/bla.

The problem is that there ara some methods in which we use jndi.lookup instead of injection. It's impossible to test this methods.

How can I change default jndi names in the glassfish-embedded.

I have tried to create config in ejb-jar.xml, but no effects.

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Please have a look at the question How to solve portable jndi name problem in unit tests?

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