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I'm new to MySQL. Can anyone help me with this.

I got two dates say From_Date = '2012-04-01', To_Date = '2012-04-17'. I want to get all the details from the table that contains the date within the given date.

Name      Subject  Start_Date  End_Date
Madhu     Science  2011-05-01  2012-05-01
Madhu     Biology  2012-04-01  2012-04-07
Mahesh    Science  2011-05-01  2012-05-01
Jagadesh  Biology  2011-05-01  2012-03-01

My answer should contain:

Madhu   Science
Madhu   Biology
Mahesh  Science
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select * from table_name 
         where start_date >= "2012-04-01" 
               and end_date <= "2012-04-17"
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suppose if i hava a data say Madhu Maths '2012-03-03' '2012-04-5' I want to get this data also in my output –  jones Jun 8 '11 at 7:21
@jones: Could you explain all the criteria to retrieve result in question itself sorry i did not understand what are you talking about now? –  Framework Jun 8 '11 at 7:26

You can also use BETWEEN statement part.

See mySQL Reference # Between

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