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What are the best practices for customizing themes for a WP7 application (font family, colours, etc)? Should I be sticking to the standard names and replacing them or creating new resource names and using those?

ie. "PhoneFontFamilyNormal" or "MyAppFontFamilyNormal"? "PhoneTextNormalStyle" or "MyAppTextNormalStyle"?

The documentation on the subject seems to focus soley on playing the straight and norrow, even though custom themes are supported (if disueded).

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I would personally create my own resources with unique names and use those. This avoids any confusion relating to precedence (I can't recall right now the resource look-up mechanism in Silverlight, I know that it is a simplification of the WPF one - which is a little complex!).

One important consideration is whether you will support dark / light themes. The standard theme resources like PhoneBackgroundBrush will honour the users theme. Therefore, if you wish to support Dark / Light I would recommend deriving your own theme from the standard one, for example, you might derive your background brush from PhoneBackgroundColor.

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That's the direction I've started down as it makes the most sense (for the reasons you mentioned. dark/light theme support is indeed another issue, but I have some ideas about how I may tackle that. –  Richard Szalay Jun 8 '11 at 7:48
In addition, I ended up coming up with a practical solution to managing custom, theme-sensitive, resources which I wrote up on my blog. I've also previous included the code on another question just in case. –  Richard Szalay May 4 '12 at 4:06

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