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I have a simple, pure python project that I want to make available with distutils. I have successfully created compressed tar files for the python modules and some license text files. These are the relevant parts of the setup argument list:

  requires = ['matplotlib', 'pytest'],
  data_files = [ 'COPYING', 'COPYING.LESSER'],

The only problem is that this also puts the license files in the distribution, directly under sys.prefix. I would like to ship the license files in the source distribution, but not install them when python install is run. I currently have no file and no post build actions.

Update: I have found a solution to my problem, see answer below. But I'd like to know if this is the standard and/or accepted way of doing this. I have also found here that the state of packaging and distribution in python seems to be in a state of flux, with replacements to distutils and setuptools on the way. Hopefully when distutils2 becomes standard there will be an elegant way of solving this.

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It seems that I the desired behaviour can be achieved by removing

data_files = [ 'COPYING', 'COPYING.LESSER'],

and adding the following to a file:

include COPYING*
prune COPYING*

This includes the COPYING files in the source distro as required, but does not install them.

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This looks like a bug to me. include followed by prune should lead to the file not being included. – Éric Araujo Oct 7 '11 at 17:23

You don’t have to put anything in data_files. The arguments to distutils.core.setup (py_modules, packages, data_files, etc.) control what will be built and installed; to distribute additional file, use a file: There you can have your COPYING file, Python files for tests, anything, and they will not be installed.

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