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First of all, I would like to apologise on the questions that I have put forth, since I didn't know how to go ahead with that

Im creating a website in using vb and i have a problem.

I have created a database to display the menu names with the location of the pages.

I have created a folder call /Pages/MasterPages in the root folder /Pages wherein the masterpage design goes in that and normal surfing pages are in the root folder

I also have a folder called /Pages/Admin wherein the CMS of the site goes into it.

Now i have the following code that calls the menu items from the database

<asp:Repeater ID="_menuDisplay" runat="server">
                                            <table id="navigation" border="0">
                                                <td><asp:HyperLink ID="Hyperlink" runat="server" NavigateUrl=<%# Container.DataItem("pageName") %>><%# Container.DataItem("menuName")%></asp:HyperLink> </td>

Container.DataItem("pageName") displays the pages/home.aspx Container.DataItem("menuName") displays the Home (name for the home.aspx page)

The above code is in the masterpage

On execution the pagename on the internet explorer displays pages/masterpage/pages/home.aspx it should display only pages/home.aspx

Please help


Leroy M

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Try something like this

1: Create a public function in your code behind page. i.e.

Public Function ResolveUrl(objValue as object) as String
     Dim sPath as String = Page.ResolveUrl(cstr(objValue))
     Return sPath  
End Function  

2: Change code in web-page:

NavigateUrl=<%# ResolveUrl(Container.DataItem("pageName")) %>

3: Ensure your page name is in the format "~/FolderPath/File.aspx" the ~ tells the engine to map the page from the root directory of your solution.

Hope this helps.

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