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I'm having an issue with database cleaner on a rails project. I use a sqlite3 database in my test environment, and it has a number of tables containing reference data, populated by the db:test:prepare task, that does not need to be wiped between tests.

I have a number of cucumber scenarios tagged with @javascript using the webdriver driver, and some without that tag.

In my env.rb file, I have configured database cleaner to use the truncation strategy, with the except option:

DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :truncation, {:except => %w[ignore me]}

DatabaseCleaner.clean is called after each scenario, and works as expected on the javascript-tagged scenarios.

However, for the non javascript scenarios it is truncating the entire database, including the tables listed in the :except array. I've also tried calling DatabaseCleaner.clean_with, which didn't work either.

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Are you using transactional fixtures? –  Andrew Nesbitt Jun 8 '11 at 9:02
Tried setting true and false, same issue either way. This definitely seems to be database cleaner related; I put debug statements either side of the call to DatabaseCleaner.clean to confirm the fixture data is getting wiped at exactly that point. –  AlistairH Jun 8 '11 at 10:09

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I was running into a similar error, except I was seeing the problem when running my @javascript scenarios.

After much googling, reading and hair-pulling I came across this post

I looked in the database_cleaner hook file mentioned there (cucumber-rails-0.4.0/lib/cucumber/rails/hooks/database_cleaner.rb) and lo-and-behold it sets the database_cleaner strategy to :truncation without exceptions before each scenario with the following tags: @no-txn,@selenium,@culerity,@celerity,@javascript.

Before('@no-txn,@selenium,@culerity,@celerity,@javascript') do
  DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :truncation

I copied and pasted the before statement into my cucumber env.rb file and added my :except statement to it. That seems to have fixed the issue.

Are you certain it's not your @javascript scenarios that are causing the problem?

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Definitely not the javascript scenarios that are the problem. However, I suspect you are right in so far as something must be overriding my database cleaner strategy. I think I'll try explicitly setting it in the before block before each scenario. –  AlistairH Jun 10 '11 at 8:28
I've done some further investigation. I actually run my javascript-tagged scenarios under another environment, which explains why I wasn't seeing the scenario with those. This issue still exists under 0.4.1 as well, however I've pretty much done what you've said and set the strategy in the before block. Thanks. –  AlistairH Jun 20 '11 at 10:57

I've had similar problem with PostgreSQL and database_cleaner. This code wasn't working and truncated all despite the :except option:

DatabaseCleaner.clean_with(:truncation, :except => %w[countries] )

I found out you have to provide full table name to make it work with PostgreSQL. Following code worked as expected:

DatabaseCleaner.clean_with(:truncation, :except => %w[public.countries] )
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amazing! thanks for posting.. this was so hard to track down –  jay May 5 at 22:18

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