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I've downloaded Android 2.3.3 SDK with Eclipse.

I wrote a small application but SipManager.isVoipSupported(this) returns false when I executed it in emulator. I did declare android.permission.INTERNET and android.permission.USE_SIP. and in API Demos in emulator, there is no VoIP/SIP related items.

In fact my goal is to run my application on a gingerbread phone. It showed same result and that was why I tried to test this on emulator.

Thank you.

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SipManager.newInstance not working for android Gingerbread IS the answer.

for the phone, it needs the two xml files.

for emulator, it needs the xml files and wifi configuration of framework-res.

isVoipSupported() checks the features provided by the files.

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I have posted a answer to a similar question which probably would solve your problem:

Exception when trying to call(SIP)

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