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I work usually with gprof + gprof2dot.py to profile C++ codes. A new code I am working with uses very long function names, so that the graphical results with gprof2dot.py are a mess. I wonder how can one shorten the function names so that they fit in a small box.

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You can narrow the labels using gprof2py. Is this what you were looking for?

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Just add --strip (for shortening) and --wrap (for line wrapping) to gprof2dot and the labels get narrowed.

Seen in the gprof2dot documentation here:

The node labels are too wide. How can I narrow them?

The node labels can get very wide when profiling C++ code, due to inclusion of scope, function arguments, and template arguments in demangled C++ function names.

If you do not need function and template arguments information, then pass the -s / --strip option to strip them.

If you want to keep all that information, or if the labels are still too wide, then you can pass the -w / --wrap, to wrap the labels. Note that because dot does not wrap labels automatically the label margins will not be perfectly aligned.

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Hi @frans, As you noticed, the link in the first answer eventually rotted away; that's why it's best to copy paste (with attribution!) the essential parts of the answer here in case the link rots away again. – durron597 Aug 28 '15 at 14:24

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