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I created a custom version of canvas by simply extending/inheriting from the Panel.

When I want to draw or render something on it, I simply create a DrawingVisual, draw the desired graphics and call the AddLogicalChild(Visual), AddVisualChild(Visual) and incrementing the count of the Visuals of the Panel.

This works great when I am adding DrawingVisual instances, but when I try to add a Button here and define the dimensions (MinHeight, MinWidth), it is not displayed.

Is it possible that UIElements need a different logic of handling to be displayed? Basically, how can I add a UIElement to that extended Panel that would be displayed and could be manipulated with?

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For UIElements, it's the Collection Children to use:

public void AddChild(UIElement newChild)

You should also look at the InternalChildren Collection which is recommanded to use in extensions of Panels.

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This is true but the AddLogicalChild/AddVisualChild overwrites any other visuals. In other words, as soon as I create visual with calling these two methods the Children are not drawn. – grizzly Jun 8 '11 at 12:24
Ok I tried adding to the InternalChildren collection but visually nothing happened. There are two possible scenarios I guess: either the Visuals and Add...Child is not intended to be used with existing controls or I am missing something... – grizzly Jun 9 '11 at 7:57

That functionality is already included. If you want to add UIElements to your Panel, simply use .Children.Add() - just like you do with the regular Canvas, Grid etc.

Then in your implementation, override MeasureOverride and ArrangeOverride to iterate through the children and organize them on your Panel surface.

Example here:

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